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Water Treatment and Remediation Solutions for California and Arizona Companies

Looking for reliable California water solutions? This state is well known for having the toughest water quality legislation in the country. As a top-rated water solutions company in California, Meras offers customizable water treatment and water remediation systems and services that make it easy for you to comply with all water safety and sustainability standards.

No matter what your business, Meras is your go-to water solutions company. California and Arizona companies in the following industries rely on us to provide cost-effective and reliable water treatment service:


The quality of your water directly impacts nearly every aspect of agricultural profitability. Our innovative agricultural water treatment solutions protect crops and help farmers contain costs while meeting California’s stringent sustainability regulations.

We can help you:

  • Increase yield per acre
  • Save significantly on irrigation costs
  • Control crop diseases
  • Improve irrigation system efficiency and longevity
  • Protect your reservoirs and watersheds

Whether it’s your well, pond, canal or reservoir, we develop the right water treatment and management plan for your unique challenges. Our irrigation remediation and treatment plans will keep your irrigation system performing at its optimum, keeping your crops watered with clean, consistent water.

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When water quality matters, companies turn to us. In California, we are a known specialist in water solutions for industrial water treatment and have helped customers solve a variety of system-related problems. Our in-house engineering experience and expertise will enable us to find a resolution to even the toughest situations. We also partner with the best-known manufacturers in the marketplace to deliver the highest-quality equipment to our clients.

Our industrial water treatment solutions will help you:

  • Minimize water and energy use
  • Extend equipment life
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Simplify budgeting
  • Maintain good corporate citizen status

We offer water treatment and pre-treatment solutions for cooling water, steam and hot water boilers, closed loop systems, and more — including EVAPCO© systems. Our industrial water quality programs are fully compliant with all California water quality, system metallurgy, heat load and discharge requirements. With our California water solutions in effect, you and your staff can relax and focus your attention on your core competencies.

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Food Safety

Your reputation as a company in the food industry depends on a safe supply of water — and so does public health. With more than 15 years of experience serving California food processing industries — including wineries and breweries — we know all the ins and outs of cost-effective water quality compliance in this sector, including:  

  • The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)
  • Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement (LGMA)
  • Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) guidelines
  • Plus other regulations and standards applicable to food safety in California

Let us help you develop and implement an effective and efficient water treatment program to minimize risk of waterborne illness, and protect the health of consumers and employees alike.

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Legionella Risk Management

Legionella is a pathogenic, water-borne bacteria naturally found in ponds, lakes and streams. They can also colonize water systems, including cooling towers, evaporative condensers, fountains, hot tubs and water distribution systems — including those of hospitals, hotels and residences. When inhaled in water droplets or spray, the Legionella organism can cause a severe form of pneumonia called Legionnaire’s disease. 

For this reason, companies — especially those in the health care industry such as hospitals — in California and Arizona must comply with stringent regulations for Legionella control. Our Legionella control experts can help you create a fully compliant, proactive and continuously improving Legionella Control Program that meets all CMS, ASHRAE, CDC and OSHA guidelines. Your residents, employees and visitors will thank you.

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Meras Water Solutions is the water treatment solution for you.