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Water Treatment and Remediation Solutions

Find your water solutions partner with us. Meras is a top-tier water treatment company servicing California and Arizona. We offer customizable water treatment services for facilities of all sizes.

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Find Your Water Solutions Partner With Us

With Meras, your water has never been cleaner, safer, or more efficient.

Smart Release Technology

Smart Release Technology eliminates the need for employees to handle hazardous liquid chemical products.

Ask about the Smart Release Technology that can provide excellent asset protection and convenience for your cooling tower maintenance program.

Dober Smart Feed Technology

Our Services

We partner with companies and growers who value reliable water treatment, expert advice and dependable services.

meras agriculture water solutions


Meras performs micro-irrigation water treatment and reservoir remediation through customized plans.  Our crop disease and soil management programs offer multiple approaches for treating water, soil and your crop.

meras food safety pathogen control

Food Safety

Meras has more than 15 years of experience serving California food processing industries including wineries and breweries. We know the ins and outs of cost-effective water quality compliance and will stay on top of ever-evolving safety standards so you do not have to.

meras industrial boilers services for corrosion, scale and biofouling control


Meras offers industrial, commercial and institutional water treatment and pre-treatment solutions for cooling water, steam and hot water boilers, closed-loop  systems and EVAPCO© systems. We have many cost saving options for product delivery systems to contain costs.

Pathogen Control

Legionella Risk Management:

California and Arizona’s stringent regulations for Legionella control, can be difficult to manage alone. Meras experts create a fully compliant Legionella Control Program that meets all CMS, ASHRAE, CDC, and OSHA guidelines.

Client Feedback

Meras Water Solutions has helped ensure our water lines function properly for years. Initially we reached out to the company when our tomato field had root intrusion issues. With their water expertise and collaborative problem-solving approach, the system was quickly back up to speed and functioning exceptionally well allowing for a profitable harvest.

Mike Ratto Golder R Inc./ Ratto Farms

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