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Why Treat Your Boiler Water System?

If you have a hot water boiler, low-pressure steam, or high-pressure steam boiler you are most likely using some sort of water treatment program. Water treatment companies offer the chemistry, equipment, and service to help keep your boiler systems functioning at an optimal level per ASME and manufacturer standards.

There are two main challenges your boiler system can encounter when the water is not treated properly- metal corrosion and mineral scaling. These two challenges can develop into costly issues which include, but are not limited to:

  • Diminished heat exchange capability
  • Overworked pumps
  • Increased consumption in electricity or fuel
  • Damage to your boiler and related plumbing
  • Boiler water carryover.

The Benefits of These Services

Not all boiler water is the same and therefore not all water treatment programs are the same. In general, numerous elements of a successful program work synergistically to maximize the efficiency and longevity of your systems. A boiler water treatment program typically incorporates all or some of the following elements:

  • Make-up water pre-treatment for the removal of minerals and/or other dissolved solids
  • An oxygen scavenger for the prevention of oxygen pitting
  • Internal boiler inhibitors to prevent scale/corrosion
  • PH booster to increase the boiler water pH to an ideal range
  • Steam condensate treatment to prevent corrosion in the return lines.

Treating water before it enters the boiler vessel is important because it may contain elements that can be extremely harmful to your equipment and processes — even if it appears to be clean. For example, dissolved gases such as carbon dioxide and oxygen can cause pipes to corrode. Calcium, copper and iron deposits can cause scaling and blockages. Any of these conditions can lead to system problems ranging from decreased productivity to unexpected outages. This is why the steam boiler treatment we provide is critical for boiler scale prevention as well as corrosion control.

Through a combination of processes such as chemical pre-treatment, filtration, ion exchange softening and degasification, any unwanted minerals or gases are removed from your facility’s water supply. This ensures that the water entering the boiler system is as clean as possible, preventing contamination.

Choose Meras Water Solutions

When water quality matters, companies across a broad spectrum of industries turn to us. We develop service programs for industrial water treatment that solve a wide range of issues for our customers. Our in-house engineering experience and expertise will enable us to find a solution to virtually any issue you may face. We also partner with many of the best-known manufacturers in the marketplace to deliver the highest-quality equipment to our clients.

Any industrial process is only as good as the equipment and expertise that go into it. Our treatment services for boilers ensure that your essential machinery will remain in good condition for as long as possible. To learn more about our capabilities or to start the process of working with an industry leader, reach out to Meras Water Solutions today.

Oxygen Scavengers

Meras Water Solutions offers oxygen scavenger technology that includes everything from traditional sulfite-based treatments to all-organic (volatile) scavengers with equipment passivation properties to suit your needs.


Internal Boiler Treatments

Meras Water Solutions focuses on internal treatments designed to keep your heat transfer surfaces operating at peak efficiency while minimizing corrosion. These treatments include the latest all-organic polymer technology.

Condensate Treatments

Meras protects your facility from impurities that can lead to costly failure.

A Mining Operation Receives New Boiler Water Parameters

A mining operation on the beautiful coast of California reached out to Meras for help with its boiler water treatment program. The engineers and maintenance personnel had not seen their service provider in months, and they suspected the current program was not functioning properly. A survey revealed the facility was overly consuming chemicals and the boiler water parameters did not meet ASME or manufacturer guidelines.  Meras immediately suggested some simple changes and repairs which yielded significant improvements almost overnight. After introducing better-suited chemistry and dialing in the proper feed rates, boiler water parameters soon reached acceptable ranges. The engineers and maintenance personnel routinely interact with their Meras representative and all their questions/concerns are addressed.

Curious about the efficiency of your current program?

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