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Closed Loop Water Treatment California

closed loop water system

Closed Loops

Maintaining optimal heat transfer exchange is essential to reducing energy costs. Mineral scale and biofouling can diminish the heat transfer capacity of a surface rather quickly and this can lead to higher input costs due to poor performance. Preventing metallurgic corrosion, mineral scaling, and biofilm growth is the core of our closed loop program. We offer a robust product line that can help us select the best solution for your system while ensuring that you comply with any discharge specifications regulated at your facility. Tracer technologies are available for improved chemical control and secured reliability.

How It Works

Water treatment for closed loop systems can take many forms. For instance, a chemical cleaning may be implemented on a regular basis. The purpose of this step is to rid the infrastructure of microbiological elements, scaling and/or other materials and substances that may be contaminating the water.

In many cases, the next step would be to install a corrosion inhibitor specifically designed not to have a negative effect on your systems’ components. If it is determined that your system is susceptible to bacterial and fungal growth, the experts at Meras may also decide to use a microbiocidal agent as part of our closed loop treatment.

With all of these elements working together, you can rest assured that issues with the infrastructure can be dealt with before they have a chance to impact your operations.

Why Is This Necessary?

Closed loop systems can be affected by three primary challenges: metal corrosion, mineral scaling and biofouling. The nature of a closed loop water system means any of these that develop may not be detected until they have had ample opportunity to wreak havoc.

Among the many problems that may be caused by corrosion, scaling and biofouling include leaks and pipe ruptures. More subtle but no less dangerous are problems such as diminished heat exchange capabilities and increased consumption of electricity or fuel. Rust on metal surfaces can also lead to other situations including contamination and decreased water quality. For these reasons and others, Meras Water Solutions offers a range of closed loop water filtration systems.

Choose Meras Water Solutions

Thanks to our extensive expertise and vast array of capabilities, we are the go-to choice for closed loop water treatment. As a top-tier provider of water solutions throughout California and Arizona, we have the technology and know-how to deliver reliable services. Our ability to customize a solution for facilities of various sizes ensures that we can meet any and all standards and regulations that may apply to you.

We have a breadth of experience helping customers achieve their water quality, safety and sustainability goals. We will stand with you every step of the way. No matter the industry or requirements, count on us to provide the solutions you need to keep your system safe and in good working order.

To learn more about our closed loop water treatment in California and other services, get in touch with us today.