closed loop water system

Closed Loop Water Treatment Service Program

Without a closed-loop water treatment service program in place to chemically clean the water, you use; your closed-loop system could be vulnerable to disaster. Contaminants can build up in your sensitive equipment, causing it to break down and necessitating costly repairs. Impurities can find their way into your finished products and as a result, your system will suffer from damage to overall quality. Under these circumstances, you may be in danger of creating a public health hazard.

A Meras Water Solution’s closed-loop water treatment program provides comprehensive water treatment for customers in a wide variety of commercial and industrial sectors, as well as municipalities. It takes into account your unique needs and continues to develop as your business and facility do. 

Choose the Right Closed Loop Treatment Plan for You

Cooling Systems

Meras offers customized programs for cooling tower systems based on water quality, system metallurgy, heat load, and discharge regulations to help you minimize water and energy usage. Our offerings includes biocide for cooling towers and facility sanitation.

Steam/Hot water Boilers

Meras is committed to helping you achieve maximum boiler room efficiency and minimizing your cost of operation. Our boiler water treatment protocols serve to protect and preserve your systems so you can realize the maximum effectiveness.

Closed Loop Treatment

We help you maintain a healthy heat transfer surface to reduce input costs resulting from poor performance. Although this equipment uses the same water consistently, closed-loop water treatment is necessary to prevent corrosion caused by the presence of dissolved gases such as carbon dioxide.

Pre-treatment Solutions

Our closed loop service programs specialize in helping operations like yours choose the right pre-treatment solution. We work with you, tirelessly, to increase the longevity of your cooling towers and boilers. Our expertise includes the latest advancements in the industry and ensures that you will receive service designed to meet the needs of your operation. 

Maintaining Healthy Heat Transfer Surface

We can help to design a closed-loop water treatment program that is necessary to prevent corrosion caused by the presence of dissolved gases such as carbon dioxide.