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Cooling Water Treatment

Why Treat Your Cooling Water System?

If you have an ammonia condenser, fluid cooler, or open cooling tower, you are most likely using some sort of water treatment program. Water treatment companies offer the chemistry, equipment, and service to help keep your cooling systems functioning at an optimal level per CTI and manufacturer standards.

Better Water. Better Systems.

Quality Water Chemistry

Unmatched Service


Not All Water Treatment is the Same

Not all cooling water is the same and therefore not all water treatment programs are the same. In general, numerous elements of a successful program work synergistically to maximize the efficiency and longevity of your systems. Some programs may call for pretreatment, such as softening or filtration, while others may be eligible for a non-liquid chemical system such as EVAPCO’s Pulse~Pure. Cooling water chemical programs usually include scale/corrosion inhibitors, oxidizing biocides, and non-oxidizing biocides.


EVAPCO Water Treatment Partner

Meras Water Solutions is pleased to announce our partnership with EVAPCO®, an international industry leader in the engineering and manufacturing of high-quality heat transfer products for the HVAC and Industrial Refrigeration market.

We are factory trained, offering exceptional service and quality products to provide on-going service for EVAPCO’s water treatment systems.

Meras Water Solutions provides a full line of cooling system treatment products and services.    A customized program is engineered for your system based on makeup water quality, system metallurgy, heat load, and discharge requirements.

Our programs are designed to prevent corrosion, scale, microbiological growth and fouling in industrial systems.  Our full-service technicians give you quality service that is unmatched.

Property Management made Easy

The California Bay Area is known for its tall buildings and architectural diversity. So, for a property management firm in Emeryville, maintaining the integrity of the buildings it manages meant having successful water treatment programs for its diverse portfolio. The firm was having routine attendance and communication issues with its water treatment provider. As a result, the firm fired its provider and decided to give Meras Water Solutions an opportunity to demonstrate what customer service really means.

Meras has been providing monthly service visits and timely service reports to ensure the right people have accurate and transparent information regarding every single treated water system. This firm now has a partnership based on trust and communication.

Affiliations, Memberships, Licenses: AWT, GSA Vendor, CA Small Business, USEPA, CalDPR, C-36 Contractor License, LEED, Public Purchase Vendor.

Better Water. Better Systems

Meras Water Solutions has been helping customers in California, Arizona, Nevada, and Oregon for over 15 years. We specialize in turn-key, customized water treatment programs and services. Solving problems and delivering customer satisfaction is what drives our team. Contact us and see for yourself.