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Cooling Water Treatment

Cooling Towers

industrial cooling towers

Our product library includes:

  • Multi-Functional Inhibitors and Sequestering Agents
  • Registered Oxidizing and Non-Oxidizing Biocides
  • Dispersant and Cleaning Aids Closed Loop Inhibitors
  • Passivation and Pre-Treatment Products
  • Full line of solid feed inhibitor and biocide programs for minimizing environmental impact.
Meras Water Solutions provides a full line of cooling system treatment products that prevent corrosion, scale, microbiological growth, and fouling in industrial systems. A customized program is engineered for your system based on makeup water quality, system metallurgy, heat load, and discharge requirements. The Meras Water Solutions treatment program will allow you to minimize water and energy usage while protecting the systems from harmful conditions.
industrial cooling towers

Meras Water Solutions is the water treatment solution for you.