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Foliar Treatment In California

In the simplest terms, plant disease management means protecting plants from conditions and contaminants that can lead to problems. This frequently involves killing, removing, or blocking pathogens such as mold, mildew, and bacteria. However, pathogens can attack from multiple vectors and may be airborne, waterborne, or live in the dirt.

For a plant disease control plan to be truly effective, it must address all possibilities and focus on the most likely sources of trouble. In many cases, treatments may be applied directly to the crops. In other instances, they must be added to the water used to irrigate the plants or the ground in which they grow.

Foliar Treatment for California Crops

Foliar disease control is a critical component for crop production success. Foliar treatments in California provide an effective way to combat plant disease pathogens in this diverse state. We have a variety of products that are EPA registered, organic OMRI approved, and foliar and soil fungicides perfect for a “green” solution for disease control. Maintain crop health with our superior products.

Applying our products to your ornamentals, bedding plants, vegetable plants, flowering plants, shrubs, or trees can help control disease. The active ingredient works immediately on contact with any plant surface for the control and suppression of fungal and bacterial plant disease.

Our solutions include:

• Downy Mildew Treatment
• Powdery Mildew Treatment
• Leaf Blight Treatment
• Anthracnose Treatment

Reduce Crop Loss With Our Plant Disease Control Solutions

With a wide variety of products used for powdery mildew management and other types of plant disease control, no one offers more ways to keep crops safe and productive than Meras Water Solutions. We have a complete line of agricultural treatments that can be applied to the plant, soil, and water for full protection.

Why Farmers Depend on Meras for Superior Foliar Treatments in California

California is an extraordinarily diverse state agriculturally. Home to no less than 16 of the USDA’s 20 defined plant hardiness zones and a wide range of soil types, water availability, and altitude, California is prime growing territory for a dizzying array of cash crops. These crops range from tree fruits to truck crops to herbs to flowers to agronomic crops. Each one of these variables presents unique conditions that must be taken into account when determining plant disease control and prevention solutions — including foliar treatments — in California.

Our in-house expertise means we can develop a solution that meets your precise requirements, no matter what they might be. We know California agriculture — what works, and what doesn’t in different regions and for various crops. We can point you in the right direction to proactively prevent crop loss regardless of your location or crop type. If you need custom solutions, we’re there for you.

Good Plant Disease Control for a Healthy Bottom Line

We’re dedicated to providing our customers in the agriculture sector with the most advanced and effective answers to their needs. With our services at your disposal, you can rest easier knowing your crops will have a much lower chance of developing diseases that can hurt your yield and your operation.