Micro Irrigation In California: Plugging Solutions

Micro Irrigation and Drip Irrigation sprinkler systems are designed to save water and deliver inputs as efficiently as possible to your crops. Irrigation source water, be it surface or well water, always contains some level of contamination. Under the right conditions, minerals in the water such as calcium and magnesium will form scale in the irrigation system and eventually plug an emitter or micro sprinkler. Similarly, biological contaminants will develop biofilm which can not only plug emitters but also harbor pathogenic organisms that can put your operation at risk.

Our water treatment products are innovative, easy to use and safe for your crops. Through precision dosing, our chemistries will mitigate mineral and biological fouling challenges to your drip irrigation and micro sprinkler system. This can significantly reduce plugging in your micro spray irrigation system and protect your valuable crops.


Advanced Agricultural Water Treatment Enhances Micro Sprinkler System Efficiency

Because a wide variety of crops are grown here, several methods are commonly used for the micro irrigation of California fields. We offer a variety of products that help your irrigation water flow without obstruction through any micro irrigation method, including:

  • Drip irrigation systems
  • Subsurface drip irrigation
  • Micro spray irrigation

In micro irrigation, pressure is kept low in order to deliver water at the slow rate required for it to infiltrate the soil with minimal runoff. Low water pressure makes these systems more susceptible to clogging than conventional spray irrigation systems.

There are three hazards that commonly cause clogging issues in micro irrigation systems. These include:

  • Physical plugging — Many sources of irrigation water are high in sand or sediment, which can easily plug emitters.
  • Chemical obstructions — Dissolved minerals in water can form scale and obstruct tubes, emitters and irrigation heads.
  • Biological clogging — Organic irrigation hazards include algae and bacterial growth. These can also contribute to plant and human diseases.

All these issues can cause plugging and clogging, which will disrupt your Distribution Uniformity and, ultimately, the ability of water and nutrients to reach your crop. Our agricultural water treatment systems address these issues and prevent clogging at its source, so that water and nutrients are delivered efficiently throughout your field.

Why Choose Meras for Your Micro Irrigation and Drip Irrigation Solutions in California?

Since 2004, California farmers have recognized Meras as an exceptional provider of reliable products and services that help you treat your irrigation water and protect your valuable crops.

Solving irrigation system clogging problems efficiently and cost-effectively requires careful analysis and an intimate knowledge of different soil and water types, crop needs and system components. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. We excel at creating customized water treatment plans and solutions to help you enhance irrigation system performance, reduce maintenance overhead, protect valuable irrigation infrastructure and enjoy a more profitable yield.

Contact us today to have one of our Ag Water Specialist give your system a no-cost analysis.