Soil Treatment In California

Soilborne diseases can be a major limitation to crop production, particularly for vegetables. Caused by fungi, bacteria and even viruses in rare cases, these ailments can weaken, rot or wilt plants and have been known to kill entire crop yields. What’s worse, they can remain lurking in the ground between sowing cycles and seasons. This means any new growth may be affected by the same sickness, even if the old vegetation has been removed.

The environmental conditions that allow these diseases to thrive can be wildly different depending on the pathogen, which often makes them difficult to control, even with conventional strategies. Among the most common signs of soilborne illness are dark spots on the plants, yellowing leaves, rotting roots and wilting.

Oxyleaf is also effective in the control of the following soil-borne plant pathogens:

  • Fusarium (root-rot, leaf spot, Pink Snow Mold)
  • Phytophtora (blights, rots)
  • Pythiam (root rot)
  • Rhizoctonia (blight, stem rot)
  • Verticillium (wilt)

Oxyleaf is used as a direct soil treatment, as a pre-plant application, at seeding or transplanting, and as a periodic soil disease treatment throughout the plant’s life up to the day of harvest in your soil. Its effectiveness makes it ideal for blight treatment, as well as other applications.

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