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Protecting crops from diseases requires an effective mitigation plan that begins the moment the soil is prepared and continues until the harvest. Our full line of plant disease products offers growers multiple approaches for treating the water, the soil and the crop itself.

What Is Crop Disease Management?

In the simplest terms, plant disease management means protecting plants from conditions and contaminants that can lead to problems. This frequently involves killing, removing or blocking pathogens such as mold, mildew and bacteria. However, pathogens can attack from multiple vectors and may be airborne, waterborne or live in the dirt. In order for a plan to be truly effective, it must address all possibilities and focus on the most likely sources of trouble. In many cases, crop treatments to be applied directly to the plants. In other instances, they must be added to the water used to irrigate the plants or the ground in which they grow.

Integrated plant disease management is extremely important for a number of reasons. Farmers need to be able to prevent the spread of pathogens throughout their fields to ensure the highest yields and quality. Without an effective strategy for contaminated land remediation, they run the risk of growing crops that don’t reproduce in the proper manner, fail to thrive or fall short of the expected yield. Any of these conditions can reduce a farm’s productivity and have a devastating effect on its profitability.


Why Choose Meras Water Solutions?

With a wide variety of products used for powdery mildew management and other types of plant disease control, no one offers more solutions for crop disease management in California than Meras Water Solutions. We have a complete line of agricultural plant disease products, including a contaminated soil treatment, that can be applied to the plant, soil and water for full protection. Our in-house expertise means we can develop a solution that meets your precise requirements, no matter what they might be. We’re dedicated to providing our customers in the agriculture sector with the most advanced and effective answers to their needs.

With our services at your disposal, you can rest easier knowing your crops will have a much lower chance of developing diseases that can hurt your yield and your operation. Our products include:

Foliar Treatment

Our active ingredients work immediately on contact with your ornamentals, bedding plants, vegetable plants, flowering plants, shrubs and trees.

Micro Irrigation Treatment

We offer a variety of soil remediation technologies that help you treat your irrigation water and protect your valuable crops.

Soil Treatment

Use a direct soil treatment periodically throughout the plant’s life up to the day of harvest.

SoilSolv chemistry converts water and soil scale into nutrition.