Larissa Winder

The cutting edge is thin for a reason. Dober Smart Release technology is not the newest technology on the market, but it is one of the most life-changing for growing business. In this dry-chemistry application, you may find financial freedom in pellet form. 

The benefit is in the application. As opposed to traditional liquid chemical, Dober Smart Release is packaged as dry pellets coated in polymer. When the pellets are introduced to water, the coating slowly dissolves over 30 days, allowing the perfect amount of the chemical to treat the system at all times. A liquid chemical must be applied as needed and any number of factors can result in too much or too little chemical being introduced

Working with your Budget

The guesswork associated with this method requires that your budget must factor in additional chemicals in the event that you do run out before expected. Adversely, you may have now allocated far too much of your budget to a chemical that does not need to be purchased. When you know what you are working with, you retain control. When using Dober Smart Release, you know exactly how much chemical you need every month. You know exactly what number will be behind that dollar sign, every time. 

The same principle applies to labor costs as well. Liquid chemistry means that all employees who interact with the chemicals must be hazmat certified. Certifying employees or hiring employees who are already certified becomes extra overhead. It also limits your ability to utilize your entire team effectively. The large drums liquid chemistry is transported in also means a greater risk of injury to your employees and associated costs if a work-place injury occurs as an employee hurts themselves during transportation. Liquid chemistry also carries the risk of a leak or spill. Not only can this become a health hazard, but it also disrupts daily operations. 

Dober Smart Release carries none of these risks. The small dry-chemical pellets come packaged in mesh bags that are transported in 12–25-pound boxes. Your employees will not be straining themselves as they apply the chemical, nor will they risk their health if a problem does occur. Any trained employee can handle applications without PPE or extra gear. You have opened up a surplus of opportunity in your workforce simply by eliminating the risk.  

There are many reasons to consider Dober Smart Release. For us, risk management is the tip of the iceberg. Walk the cutting edge and ask us if Dober Smart Release is the next step for your cooling system. Your budget, and your future, will thank you. 

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