Protecting Consumer Health

Process Water Chemistries for your Food Processing Operation

Our team is committed to supporting you every step of the way in creating an appropriate food production sanitation management process for your food safety program. Guidelines such as the Food Safety Modernization Act, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point, and Good Manufacturing Practices are the criteria that Meras Water Solutions uses to implement chemistry-driven water quality programs for food processors. Applying these standards, we can reduce prospective sources of contamination in your operations.

Meras is taking many initiatives to create appropriate water quality management processes for food manufacturing sanitation in California. These include options such as:

  • Customized programs for your facility, staff, and processes
  • Customer assurance programs in which we routinely validate solutions to support your food safety program
  • Partnerships with health care facilities
  • Water remediation involving chemistries that mitigate risk and attack contaminant sources

Process Water for Food and Non-Food Surfaces 

Whether disinfecting or conditioning your process water, our food sanitation products will improve your process and help you focus on what matters. Meras offers customized programs based on water quality, process systems, and current food safety programs.  

Water can be a significant source of contamination. Let us help you maintain a reliable method of water disinfection using our automated programs. With Meras, you can have the reliability and performance that you expect from your processes.

Our services include the following:

  • Pre-treatment solutions
  • Agricultural water quality programs
  • Water remediation solutions
  • Water treatment solutions

Protecting Consumer Health

Food safety programs are an essential element in the food processing industry. After all, how much value and reduced risk would result if you can ensure your product is safe and have minimal disruptions to your processes? 

Meras Water Solutions has over a decade of experience offering food production sanitation products and process water treatment solutions for food processing facilities. Through team collaboration, effective record-keeping, and innovative chemistries, Meras is a partner you can count on. 

Our clients have been delighted with the procedures we have helped them implement, giving them peace of mind when it comes to FDA regulatory processes. Our experience in a variety of industries ensures that we can help your organization with our solutions. If you have an unusual food sanitation situation, contact us to see how one of our specialty programs can be of assistance.

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