Reliable Produce Sanitation Solutions

Packing Houses/Sheds are collection centers for produce packaging in California and other states. They can take almost any form and size, and can house many operations, such as:

  • Sorting and trimming
  • Washing and drying
  • Waxing
  • Curing
  • Chemical treatments
  • Grading and packaging
  • Pre-cooling and storage

Produce packing house operations vary depending on the commodities they package and on market requirements. Supermarket-bound produce and produce for export is frequently required to go through elaborate sanitation processes, while local markets often don’t need such complicated measures.

Creating a Sanitary Environment

Regardless of the size and complexity of the operation, proper sanitation is the backbone of your food safety program. Meras offers various routinely validated solutions to support your food safety program in your enterprise. Proactive approaches can be implemented with handled goods as well as with the people conducting their activities in the process. From disinfecting produce washing stations to cleaning food contact surfaces and tools, Meras provides a holistic solution to address every point of your operation.  

A safe water supply is critical to any enterprise in the food industry. Meras can assist you by developing and implementing an effective water treatment plan to reduce the risk of waterborne contaminants and help safeguard the health of the end consumer.

Not only will our solutions reduce contamination, but they may also minimize water and energy use, extend equipment life, and lower maintenance costs. Our technicians will work with you to get the best possible result for your processes.

Veggie/Fruit Wash Water Treatment

Food safety is a critical part of your operation, and we can help you mitigate pathogenic risks. Treating your wash water can be an easy, automated, and reliable process resulting in your outgoing produce being cleaner. Meras Water Solutions’ knowledgeable technicians are known for their exceptional service; let them help your farming operation by implementing chemistry-driven programs to reduce potential sources of contamination in your produce sanitation areas.

At Meras, we strive to provide value at every step of the process. Our customers will tell you that our innovative solutions and professional service improve ROI and help to take the stress out of the day-to-day experience of operating their produce packing facility.

We have over a decade of experience creating water treatment programs for a multitude of industries. We can design specialty programs for your enterprise if you are working with out-of-the-ordinary conditions. Let us show you how easy it can be to make your produce cleaner!