A Step Forward in Quality

The wine and beer industries are seeing success and opportunity for growth. Meras Water Solutions wants to help your operation succeed. Meras features a diverse product line that can help maintain your operation moving forward. Using the right cleaners and biocides in sanitation programs for your Clean in Place (CIP) system will prevent harmful bacteria, reduce costs, water usage, and increase efficiency. We want to help you maintain an efficient program and ensure the quality of your products.

How Our Solutions Help

Brewery and winery water treatment is crucial for a number of reasons. The first priority is to protect consumers from contamination. With a robust and thorough CIP protocol in place, the risk of harmful bacteria and other contaminants being introduced into the finished product is greatly reduced.

A carefully designed brewery and winery sanitation program also can reduce costs. For instance, many of these operations produce a significant amount of effluent that is too strong to be directed back into the water supply. Under normal circumstances, this means facilities are subject to municipal surcharges. In other instances, their wastewater must be trucked away to a plant that can deal with it.

However, on-site brewery and winery sanitation and cleaning procedures can dramatically reduce the strength of this byproduct, so it can be discharged in a more cost-effective manner. These procedures can decrease the amount of wastewater that requires additional steps to treat, resulting in a reduction in operating costs.

Another significant way in which sanitation services can deliver greater efficiency is by protecting equipment. Impurities can build up inside tanks and lines, causing them to operate less effectively and perhaps even break down. With proper winery and brewery sanitation, boiler systems and evaporative condensers can be kept free from contaminants.

Why Choose Meras?

Not all Clean in Place (CIP) cleaners and sanitizers are the same. Whether cleaning a wine tank, brewing tank, or filter station, Meras Water Solutions offers exceptional service and knowledgeable engineers to help you control costs, while maintaining an effective food safety program for your winery or brewery.

We’ve been at the forefront of the water treatment industry since 2004, and are dedicated to delivering an exceptional customer experience. We work diligently to establish effective communication with our customers, study their processes, and validate our programs routinely with customization and innovation.

Our customizable chemical remediations serve a wide range of industries, including food and beverage production. No matter what your requirements may be, our in-house expertise and experience means we can develop a program that fully meets them. We understand how critical clean, safe water is to your operations. That’s why we’re committed to developing a plan for you that addresses all your operational needs.