Micro-Irrigation Service and Maintenance Programs

Micro-Irrigation Service and Maintenance Programs

Optimize performance and customize a micro-irrigation maintenance program specifically designed for you. Working with a grower’s unique concerns in mind, our Agriculture Water Specialists determine the best micro-irrigation maintenance program for your system based on water quality, distribution uniformity measurement, and contaminants found in your system. Our micro-irrigation maintenance programs ensure our growers stay ahead of potential problems that can lead to inefficient water delivery and yield loss. Clean systems deliver clean water and clean water is where true growth begins. 

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maintenance and services infographic

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Reservoir Remediation

The first step of a micro-irrigation maintenance and management program is often a remediation of your reservoir, the source of heavily bio-fouled water. Our multi-phase micro-irrigation maintenance programs control algae, biological growth, and mineral buildup, and all sorts of other contaminants that can wreak havoc in your reservoir water and ultimately, your irrigation system. Once remediation ends, maintenance begins with the same care and dedication.  

Distribution Uniformity Testing

The most optimal way to ensure that a micro-irrigation system is running properly is to perform regular Distribution Uniformity (DU) testing. Our technicians will be able to identify potential risks, malfunction, and the general health of your system by scheduling DU testing at the perfect intervals for your crops. In tandem with our DU program, technicians will perform additional health checks on your micro-irrigation system to validate any concerns or ongoing issues.  

A Meras Custom Maintenance Programs Designed for Your Unique Concerns

Our Agriculture Water Specialists determine the best micro-irrigation maintenance program for your system based on the highest standards in the industry. Our micro-irrigation maintenance programs ensure our growers stay ahead of potential problems that can lead to inefficient water delivery and yield loss. Clean systems deliver clean water and clean water is where true growth begins.  Our program ensures you get the highest quality of service and products.

Advance Technology with Single or Dual Dosing Systems

Proper maintenance with Meras means customizing a program that does the work for you. We choose superior products and equipment to increase efficiency and longevity with a maintenance plan to match. We utilize the latest and greatest in micro-irrigation technology. Find expert knowledge and access to Grundfos Products, Symetrix, and Walchem amongst others. The technology you utilize in the field should be as exemplary as your service.  

  • Grundfos Products
  • Symetrix
  • Walchem

Turnkey Installation

Build to suit.   Installation includes on-site welding and electrical in order to begin irrigation water treatment as quickly as you need. 

Dependable Products and Service

Your dedicated technicians will perform regular tank checks, pump calibrations, water testing, and system maintenance on a regular and rigorous schedule. Minimal irrigation event disruptions and fast-acting remediation. DU testing is performed at regular intervals, and all collected data is reported in an easy-to-use format.  Our Ag Water Specialists will work with you to design treatment products and regular service and reporting schedules. 

Process Evaluation and Validation

Our service technicians and Agriculture Water specialists provide periodic process and product evaluation to ensure optimal performance from the products. We provide a monthly site performance report that indicates the amount of irrigated water and product that is being applied as well as other important data that can be useful in your operation.  

Optimize Performance and Efficiency of your Micro-Irrigation System

 Optimize the performance and efficiency of your micro-irrigation system with a customized Meras program specifically designed for you.  Call today to discuss your unique program with one of our Ag Water Specialists.