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Water Management Plan

Meras works side by side with facilities to identify building water systems and analyze their potential risk for Legionella contamination. Based on the information gathered, control measures, limits, and corrective action plans will be created to ensure quick responses take place in the event of contamination. Meras will train facility personnel to be knowledgeable and prepared to carry out Legionella control plans effectively. For customers who have no Legionella control practices in place, Meras can assist with developing a complete and detailed program. Some customers however, have some sort of plan already in place and may wish to improve or recondition a certain component of an already existing plan. Regardless of which direction an organization wishes to pursue, Meras has the solutions to meet existing needs.

Meras Legionella control services include:

  1. Building water systems surveying
  2. Flowchart development and photographic profiling
  3. Hazardous analysis evaluations
  4. Sanitation and remediation protocols
  5. Legionella sample collecting and testing
  6. Documentation and records development
  7. Water disinfection programs

Meras Water Solutions is the water treatment solution for you.