Meras Water Solutions has helped ensure that our water lines are clean and function properly for years. Initially, we reached out to the company when our tomato field had root intrusion issues. With their water expertise and collaborative problem-solving approach, the system was quickly back up to speed delivering water and nutrients and functioning exceptionally well–allowing for a profitable harvest. We attest to our success and to the quality products and exceptional customer service. Zack and Dylan, our Meras Water Solutions representatives, checked our system every day and answered my phone call anytime–day or night. This is huge for me, as I am a  farmer who runs a 24-hour operation! We were so impressed with the outcome and service that we have since had the company continue to provide products and services for our almond irrigation system, as well as the drip system for tomatoes. They continuously ensure that the product is injected into the lines as needed, there’s no corrosion of the lines, and I have peace of mind. Aside from helping us keep our crops healthy and profitable, Meras gives me the best hats!

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