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Sanitation Solutions

Reliable Sanitation Solutions

Meras has always supplied reliable production sanitation solutions with dependable service. We are offering ready to use hand sanitizer, antibacterial hand soap and antibacterial and antiviral one step sanitizer for surfaces.

Please find the information on each product ready for download. If you have any questions, contact Marco Hurtado (209) 541-8207.

Recommendations to Safely Open Our Economy

We’ve made readily available documentation on how you can be ready to reopen in our economy.

BAC Stop 2: Antibacterial Hand/Dishwashing Soap

Our ready to use Meras Bac Stop 2 Antibacterial Hand Soap and Dishwashing Concentrate will not chafe or irritate skin. This high quality pH balanced concentrate meets or exceeds USDA guidelines for E2 rated hand soaps.

BAC Stop 3A: Instant Hand Sanitizer

Our ready to use Meras Bac Stop 3A E-3 Hand Sanitizer/ Antiseptic is intended for use as a no-rinse hand sanitizer. This 65% ethanol product is effective at killing germs and meets the CDC guidelines for hand hygiene for the prevention and reduction of infection rates.

PeraSpray: Antibacterial & Antiviral One-Step Sanitizer

Our ready to use Peraspray will give you the defense you need against emerging enveloped viral pathogens. Peraspray cleans, sanitizes, disinfects and deodorizes hard non-porous surfaces and high-touch areas.

Perasan A: Hard and Soft Surface Sanitation

Perasan A sanitizer combines highly effective antimicrobial properties with a very favorable environmental profile. This is an excellent antimicrobial agent in process water in the production, processing, and preparation of meat, fruits, and vegetables. Perasan A is perfect for every hard and soft surface sanitation application.

Our portfolio of chemistries and sanitary products paired with knowledgeable engineers and service technicians will enhance your facility sanitation program , prevent bacterial growth and minimize water usage. Our Industrial Sanitation Programs and our Food Safety Programs offer you the satisfaction of knowing you are in good hands with Meras Water Solutions.