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     In 2017, Van Groningen & Sons had a block of almonds where approximately 30% of the emitters where mostly or completely plugged due to biofouling.  After conducting a dual-product remediation, the Distribution Uniformity test revealed an astonishing improvement.

Bryan Van Groningen

VP of Crops & Soil, Van Groningen and Sons

 In 2015, the ponds were covered with a blanket of Duckweed one to two inches thick… we met with Meras Water Solutions to develop a remediation plan… within a few months, the Duckweed was gone and the critical levels of oxygen in the ponds were improved.

Mike Gilton

District Manager, Salida Sanitary

Meras was contacted by a grower who had been battling a terrible Iron bacteria problem.  He just could not get help with the right product and dosing to eliminate the problem.  Our team met with the grower discovered the source at the discharge well, recommended a remediation plan and set out to rid the grower of the issue.  After a week of work, the grower was amazed and grateful that his battle was over.

Tim Ruesch

AJ & E Container Tree Farms

Meras Water Solutions is the water treatment solution for you.