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How to Evaluate Your Drip Irrigation System for Potential Plugging

In drip irrigation system, plugging can be caused by several different contaminants. In this video we are going to focus on the most common foulants:
1.) Biofilm
2.) Mineral Deposition
3.) Poor Filtration

Visual Indications of Plugging

A field inspection is the first step in performing an analysis to determine if you have plugging. As the weather heats up, you might see some visual indications in your crop and see some crop stress.

How to Dissect and Inspect an Emitter

When the weather heats up, so does that little black tube in your field. This can be a perfect breeding ground for foulants if there is some water left in the line.

How to Perform a Distribution Uniformity Test

Distribution Uniformity commonly referred to as DU is a simple and effective method of determining how efficient your irrigation system is at delivery water evenly across your fields.

Collecting Water Samples

Laboratory analyses on irrigation makeup water can serve multiple purposes.