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Distribution Uniformity
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Distribution Uniformity (DU) measures how uniformly water is applied to an irrigated area. Meras has teamed with industry and university experts to develop a unique DU test that will indicate how your micro irrigation system is performing.

Agricultural Water Solutions

Water management is critical to success in agribusiness, especially in an arid state such as California.  Depending on your water source, there are many factors which can contribute to the quality of the water you place on your crop.  Irrigation water sources commonly contain a high level of contamination, which can ultimately present a challenge for your irrigation system.  Micro irrigation systems can become fouled and plugged and emitters can stop working due to the contents in the water source, biological contaminants, sand or debris.

Meras Water Solutions is a leading provider of irrigation water treatment.  Our innovative agricultural water treatment services and products help farmers contain costs and meet stringent sustainability and food safety guidelines. Our programs help growers feel confident that their irrigation system is working efficiently, and their crops are thriving.  

Our service and programs

Our exclusive diagnosis process is comprised of field inspections, water analysis, distribution uniformity measurement, and aerial imagery.  Working with a grower’s unique concerns, our Ag Water Specialists will determine the best water treatment program for your crop.  Our free initial site evaluation and no obligation recommendations will leave you confident that your issue will be solved.

Field Inspections

Our Ag Water Specialist will start with a thorough field inspection of the irrigated crop.  This includes checking pressure valves, regulators, hose flushing and inspecting emitters for plugging, to get a snapshot of potential issues. 

Distribution Uniformity

Distribution Uniformity is a measurement of how uniformly water is being applied to an irrigated set across a vineyard, orchard or other crops.  Measuring the DU will determine if your system is being optimized and water/ inputs are being evenly distributed.

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Aerial Imagery

Aerial Imagery will give you real-time data on the condition of your crops. 


Utilizing the data obtained from the diagnosis, our Agriculture Water Specialist will work with you to determine the best remediation plan to achieve your desired outcome. 

We design programs for you

Our maintenance programs are validated using an exclusive approach, allowing our growers to stay ahead of potential problems that can lead to inefficient water delivery and yield loss.  We provide a full-service treatment program, including a technician who is assigned to your site and placed on a service schedule designed for you.

Meras Water Solutions is your partner in compliance with Lodi Rules and SIP.

Micro Irrigation

Micro irrigation systems are designed to save water and deliver inputs as efficiently as possible to your crops. Irrigation source water, whether surface or well water, always contains some level of contamination, which can affect efficiency in these systems:

  • Under the right conditions, minerals in the water such as calcium and magnesium will form scale in the irrigation system and eventually plug an emitter or micro sprinkler.
  • Similarly, biological contaminants will develop biofilm which not only can plug emitters but also harvest pathogenic organisms that can put your operation at risk.

These problems can be mitigated with proper agriculture water treatment. We can help with irrigation water analysis and treatment solutions that will ensure your micro irrigation system delivers the right amount of water and nutrients to your crops.

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agricultural drip irrigation system
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Reservoirs & Wells

Meras Water Solutions executes multiphase programs to tackle tough water issues.  Reducing and controlling biological growth in reservoirs and micro irrigation system lines without harming aquatic species.   Let our Agricultural Water Specialist devise the right plan for your systems.  Our specialized chemistries are designed to prevent mineral buildup and our acid cleaners can help recover your scaled well system.  The right irrigation water treatment solution will significantly improve your system efficiency as well as your bottom line. 

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Water Treatment Specialist Garett Dana explains reservoirs & how to keep them clean and maintain. This a valuable resource in any growing operation.

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