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Agricultural Water Solutions

Water management is critical to success in agribusiness, especially in arid states such as California and Arizona. Depending on your water source, there are many factors which can contribute to the quality of the water you place on your crop. Irrigation water sources commonly contain a high level of contamination, which can ultimately present a challenge for your irrigation system. Meras Water Solutions is your leading provider of irrigation water treatment.

Maintenance & Services

A clean system delivers clean water. Our goal is to keep your irrigation system optimized by providing water quality maintenance programs to keep your irrigation water clean and your crop yield abundant. Often the first step of a water quality management program is a remediation of your reservoir.

Distribution Uniformity

Distribution Uniformity is a measurement of how uniformly water is being applied to an irrigated set across a vineyard, orchard or other crops.  Meras Water Solutions performs Distribution Uniformity measurements to determine if your system is being optimized and water/ inputs are being evenly distributed.


Winterization helps restore irrigation system efficiency by sanitation to prevent build-up and microbial growth while the system is not in use.  At Meras Water Solutions, we tailor each winterization program to your needs, depending on your water analysis, location, and symptoms.

Crop Disease Management

Protecting crops from diseases requires an effective mitigation plan that begins the moment the soil is prepared and continues until the harvest. Our full line of plant disease products offers growers multiple approaches for treating the water, the soil and the crop itself.

Reservoir & Well Water Treatment

Meras Water Solutions fast acting chemistries will combat mineral scaling, stubborn algae infested waters and treat heavily bio fouled systems. Our Ag Water Specialist will work with you to design a remediation program to quickly recover your system without harming aquatic species.

Meras Water Solutions is the water treatment solution for you.