Agricultural Water Treatment

Distribution Uniformity

A low DU score can lead to:

  • Insufficient nutrient delivery to crops.
  • Poor crop quality.
  • Overworked pumps.
  • Increased labor costs to replace emitters.
  • Under/overirrigation of acres.
  • Lower yields.
Distribution Uniformity (DU) measures how uniformly water is applied to an irrigated area. Meras has teamed with industry and university experts to develop a unique DU test that will indicate how your micro irrigation system is performing. Our programs are validated using this unique approach, allowing our growers to stay ahead of potential problems before inefficient water delivery can lead to yield losses. Using our integrated Irrigation Health PlanTM (IHP) as a system dashboard, growers have performance data showing trends and allows for informed decision-making and quick action.

Micro Irrigation

Micro Irrigation systems are designed to save water and deliver inputs as efficiently as possible to your crops. Irrigation source water, be it surface or well water, always contains some level of contamination. Under the right conditions, minerals in the water such as calcium and magnesium, will form scale in the irrigation system and eventually plug an emitter or micro sprinkler. Similarly, biological contaminants will develop biofilm which can not only plug emitters but also harvest pathogenic organisms that can put your operation at risk.

Reservoirs & Wells

Irrigation water sources commonly contain high level of contamination, which can ultimately present a challenge for your micro irrigation system. Reservoirs are exposed to the environment and can create a thriving environment for pathogens and algae. Meras Water Solutions executes multiphase programs that will reduce and control biological growth without harming aquatic species. It is common for well water sources to contain very high levels of minerals, such as calcium, iron, and magnesium. Our specialized chemistries are designed to prevent mineral build up and our acid cleaners can help recover your scaled well system.

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