Industrial Water Treatment

Cooling Towers

industrial cooling towers

Our product library includes:

  • Multi-Functional Inhibitors and Sequestering Agents
  • Registered Oxidizing and Non-Oxidizing Biocides
  • Dispersant and Cleaning Aids Closed Loop Inhibitors
  • Passivation and Pre-Treatment Products
  • Full line of solid feed inhibitor and biocide programs for minimizing environmental impact.
Meras Water Solutions provides a full line of cooling system treatment products that prevent corrosion, scale, microbiological growth, and fouling in industrial systems. A customized program is engineered for your system based on makeup water quality, system metallurgy, heat load, and discharge requirements. The Meras Water Solutions treatment program will allow you to minimize water and energy usage while protecting the systems from harmful conditions.
industrial cooling towers


Meras Water Solutions is focused on maximizing boiler room efficiency and minimizing the cost of operation. Our routine energy audits locate unnecessary losses from the system, and validate the optimal treatment for efficient heat transfer, corrosion protection, and minimization of losses in the boiler blowdown are in place.

Our engineers also evaluate complete systems to determine if there is efficient equipment insulation, potential for decrease in steam pressure, and proper pre-treatment of makeup water. These assessments are provided to insure that natural gas usage is at a minimum. Our complete line of boiler treatment products includes FDA approved products for Food & Beverage applications.

Oxygen Scavengers

Our oxygen scavenger technology includes everything from traditional Sulfite-based treatments to all-organic (volatile) scavengers that have equipment passivation properties.

industrial water boilers

Boiler Internal Treatments

Our internal treatments are designed to keep your heat transfer surfaces operating at peak efficiency while minimizing corrosion. These treatments include the latest all-organic polymer technology.

Condensate Treatments

Our capabilities include a full library of blended amine products and filming products that can be customized for your facility.

closed loop water system

Closed Loops

Maintaining optimal heat transfer exchange is essential to reducing energy costs. Mineral scale and biofouling can diminish the heat transfer capacity of a surface rather quickly and this can lead to higher input costs due to poor performance. Preventing metallurgic corrosion, mineral scaling, and biofilm growth is the core of our closed loop program. We offer a robust product line that can help us select the best solution for your system while ensuring that you comply with any discharge specifications regulated at your facility. Tracer technologies are available for improved chemical control and secured reliability.

Waste Water

Meras Water Solutions carries a full line of wastewater treatment products. Typical programs include coagulants, flocculants, and filter/cleaning aid products.

Waste water treatment programs are designed by Meras through a process which includes a complete plant and system survey, pilot plant jar testing for program selection, and on-site monitoring and evaluations to verify desired results. Our engineers also provide comprehensive onsite training to make certain that all plant personnel are effective in system treatment, troubleshooting, and optimization techniques.

Meras Water Solutions will verify program results by routinely performing tests for any regulated parameters at your facility.

waste water tanks

Meras Water Solutions is the water treatment solution for you.

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