Marco Hurtado, Industrial Division Manager

There are few things that a business owner hopes to find mystery in. Dealings with your water treatment provider are not one of them. I often receive phone calls from individuals who are simply fed up by the “closed-door” attitude of their current or previous providers. These complaints range from poor communication to missed orders. Most worrying is when I hear of a business receiving a service report that has no information as to when the technician came by their facility. When this happens, there is no way to confirm whether the technician was present onsite or not which can be frustrating on multiple fronts.

Here at Meras, we believe that when we enter a relationship with you and your business, we are entering into a partnership. This partnership relies on six basic expectations: 

  1. Accessible information

We will keep you informed. Your service representative functions as a lifeline between you and your water system. They are there, not only to find solutions but also to provide comprehensive education on why these solutions fit your unique needs.

  1. Transparent and timely communication

Whether it be regular check-ins via phone, in-person updates at the beginning of inspection and service, or through email when discussing your service report, your representative is accessible to you at all times for updates and to answer any questions you may have.

  1. Thorough customization of your unique program

The scope of work, per the agreement in place, will be clear and meet your’ expectations at the get-go. We accomplish this by taking a thorough inventory of your equipment, needs, and history. The program that you and your representative develop together is meant to be as unique as your business is.

  1. Consulting and technical support

Your water treatment representative should help tackle water-related challenges that your systems may be experiencing as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Every milestone is to be met with full cooperation. In the event of an emergency, you and your representative should be working up a response plan in under two hours.

  1. Documented data and events

Clearly described and thorough documentation will be provided to develop a profile of historical data and critical events. We believe in treating your water system as a whole, not simply the symptoms.

  1. Management of inventory and feed equipment

You will not be running out of essential chemicals and your feed equipment will be in good operating conditions. We combat lapses in service by keeping careful inventory and scheduling maintenance, testing, and other services regularly.

Choosing a water treatment provider should feel like a sigh of relief. With us, you will walk away from each interaction knowing exactly what you are getting and why. Above all, you should rest easy with the knowledge that you are a priority and will be treated as such. Your business deserves nothing less.

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