We know that preparing your irrigation system for the winter is the last thing on your mind especially during harvest. Algae, biofilm, sediment and microbial growth from a year of fertigation plus stagnate water in the irrigation hose between irrigation’s can contribute to plugged emitters resulting in poor Distribution Uniformity and inefficient water usage. Depending on your water analysis, symptoms and location, Meras Water Solutions designs winter treatment programs for your unique concerns. A Winterization plan offers an opportunity to clean and sanitize to restore your irrigation systems efficiency, in preparation for the next growing season. Ready to start the growing season off right!

Even in areas where the climate is mild all year, it still makes sense to winterize your irrigation system. The system may experience a buildup of biofilm that can lead to harmful microbial growth, regardless of the weather. If unwanted elements accumulate in pipes as they sit unused, they can create blockages that lessen the pipes’ overall efficiency.

Another benefit of complete irrigation winterizing is its impact on crops. When you start the growing season with the cleanest and clearest systems possible, you will benefit from high-quality water. This can contribute to better yields and healthier plants. As the leader in winterization solutions throughout California, we know what it takes to clean out your infrastructure and restore its expected performance.

How Our Process Works

Our usual winterization process is conducted during the last irrigation’s of the season and after post-harvest fertilizers and nutrition have been applied.  Treated water flows through the irrigation system breaking down the substances that have the potential to cause plugging or fouling.  The treated water remains in the irrigation line until the first irrigation of the following season.  The contact time the treated water has in the irrigation system will ensure proper breakdown of potential foulants without causing harm to your system.   The oxidizer used in a winterization is broadly effective against microorganisms and will break down to safe and environmentally friendly residues.

Cleaner Systems for the Agriculture Industry

A proper post winterization flush prior to starting your irrigation system for the growing season will ensure that the organic, mineral or residues are evacuated leaving a clean and sanitized system ready for the new season.  Micro-irrigation plugging will be eliminated and your system will be restored. A complete flush will comprise of three areas:

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Turn to Meras Water Solutions

Irrigation winterization services are just part of what we can do. We lead the industry with a comprehensive lineup of agricultural water treatment solutions. No matter what your needs may be, we can find the answers. To learn more about everything we have to offer, contact one of our representatives today.